Monday, October 22, 2012

tiny update

ARCHER made his debut when I was about 41 weeks pregnant. This go, we took our cues from nature, no drugs. The birth story is brief, full of pain and intense joy. We went to my dad's in the morning for breakfast, crossing our fingers I would have the baby soon. I had felt painless cramping a few times early that morning, so I was hopeful. Will and I left Graham at my dad's and went to the birthing center, just to get checked out. The midwife told me I was 5 centimeters dilated and to go have a walk around the park. Will and I were walking and talking, I started having noticeable contractions! By 1:30 we were inside, the pain had arrived. It hurt more than I had ever fathomed, but by 2:45 we were holding our new son.   He was healthy, beautiful and we were thrilled. Less than an hour later, I felt great and we got to show him off to some family that had gathered to meet him. We were home by 7pm and ordering Thai food.   :)