Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

the latest and greatest, a graham update!

graham is two weeks shy of being 17 months old! we are having the best time. what an awesome age/stage this is! he is running around and exploring all day. when he does take a break he watches shaunthesheep or asks me to read children make terrible pets. when the latter happens, he will grab the book he wants, hand it to you and sit in your lap. (heart melting) recently he discovered cous cous and is in love. we'll see how long it lasts! at least every other day he "juices". makes him sound intense, right? i juice sweet potatoes, kale and an apple and mix it with infant oatmeal, delicious. sometimes i substitute kale for spinach or toss in a beet, but he loves it all. he's just always been a sucker for sweet potato! he "says" dada, moo, knock knock, night night and a few other sounds that mimic words. he is so awesome and the three of us couldn't be more in love. we are so thankful every day for our health and situation.

one of these days when he's 3 or 4 and my husband schedules camping trips for us every other weekend i'm going to get match matchy with graham. hahahaaa, the power of being the adult! team wellie, in green?

underneath the fall

most of us are starting to pull out the sweaters, coats and all that is autumn! i'm so attracted to gray, cream and black when it comes to my cold weather wear. knowing that, i'm looking towards the pretty pinks that can be my first layer as i get bundled up. these goodies are all from madewell.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

lightning bolts and angel wings

what a fun way to "trick your kicks"! it's so nice to see kid extras that would appeal to girls AND boys. perfect stocking stuffers if ya ask me! find them here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

angelique houtkamp

oh angelique

i just can't get enough of angelique houtkamp! she is a fantastic artist that i have mentioned before. i popped on her website the other day and saw her new shop items. she always has prints, books and usually t's for sale.

this top with skinny pants, flats and cardigan sounds just about right. oh sorry, it's starting to get colder! ok, a huge, soft cable cardigan, leggings and boots. yup, nice.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

emerson made it well

look how wonderful these are!!! emerson made has "basics" in great sets of three. she put the essentials, t's, tanks, dresses, leggings and turtlenecks into a smart cotton sack. i think i would grab a bag of black t's and black tank tops. if she starts making v-necks, she'll really have my attention!

Monday, October 24, 2011

some pop!

these two kid rooms have me smiling. i am so in love with the pom poms and other suspended goodies. the clusters add such a fun touch and so easy on the eyes. a wonderful way to feature color. the storage under the window in room #1 is an idea i will for sure mimic in graham's room. the gray walls in room #2, are fantastic. they remind me of a cloudy day and how the gray skies make the green grass and trees pop!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


isn't this the cutest laptop case you've ever seen??? who doesn't like a cute woodland creature on an accessory? let's get some raccoon love!





i just started reading this and i have been continuously fascinated. nutrition is one of my interests already, but since becoming pregnant with graham, a top priority. we need to be taking advantage of the information available to us now. if most people were offered a pill that promised health and long life their child, they would buy it. what if you told that parent the same results could come from healthy eating? i assume, those same parents would say, "nah". no wonder the "say no to drugs" slogan is gone. our country has embraced them.
i have have never been particularly good at anything. don't get me wrong, i think i'm awesome. but, i have found what i am good at is being a mother. i love it. i am proud of the mother i am. there's no doubt i sometimes linger on some of the blogs i read and wish i was crafty or magic in the kitchen. alas, i am good at what matters. i will work on the rest!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

paper or plastic?

neither...these are amazing alternatives to disposable grocery bags. check them out and maybe make a switch. baggu

Monday, October 17, 2011

a tiny rant

does it makes sense that 2,000 children disappear every day and fbi agents are looking for the person who hacked into a celebrity cell phone for nudie pics?

it's in the details

i will never stop looking at wedding blogs. they offer up so many fantastic images! They have everything, gorgeous flowers, clothing and food! What more could you ask for? it doesn't matter to me if it's at city hall or in a barn built in 30s, with the right details sprinkled on top, perfect! i spotted these photos on ruffled, stylemepretty and bowsandarrows
the bouquets and shoes in the first photo, made me smile. i love the bright colors from the bows and arrows photo shoot. this california wedding had endless metionables. the heart shaped cookies and the cake were simple a charming touches. take a look, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

mini and maximus

cool kiddo site. i was checking out the sale this morning and fell for this print. graham would look super cute! darn it is he doesn't have the best taste! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

go green.

fawnandforest always has great stuff. there having a decent sale right now on petunia pickle bottom too! i have started looking for graham's christmas booty and i love this puzzle! who wouldn't want one of these cool animal pillows by ross menuez. pickle bottom diaper bags are definitely luxury items, but i think a beautiful gift if you've got the loot.