Thursday, April 28, 2011

gimme gimme pretty

well, we are off to atlanta tomorrow! the boys and i are going to visit cyndi and eat everything atl has to offer. i was hoping it to be a weekend full of pictures of me and cyndi and me and my husband. dunno now about heavy picture taking, but i'll be sure to get a few!!! i can not wait to see cyndi AND go on this adventure with my family.

here are some gorgeous images of equally gorgeous things. weddings or whatever you wants!

 just so pretty.

what an awesome idea, to use vintage pins for boutonnieres!

so feminine, so romantic.


i found all of these inspiring photographs on 100layercak and mysweetandsaucy

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the mac

macarons sweet and pretty treats? i have been bombarded by images of these beautiful deserts for some time now. so popular, yet i have never tried one. tartbakerydallas has them. i need to get on this right away!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

adventure is out there!

i've been daydreaming about adventure lately. i have this husband i want to hang out with all the time and now another guy has joined the gang. i think about the time we have and how i'd like to spend some of it. the thoughts really got me compiling a list of the trips near and far i would like to take. it may vary slightly day to day, but here goes a rough draft. lucky 13.

1. england/scotland/ireland
2. italy/france
3. north/south carolina
4. australia/new zealand
5. big bend national park
6. west virginia (lostrivermoderncabin...)
7. st. john, virgin islands (honeymoon revisited)
8. bora bora
9. maine
11.costa rica

no special order, just holidays and adventures for our troupe!

cuddle clothes

what adorable pajamas. i don't want graham to grow up too quickly, so i'll keep it more kiddo. but, i'm sure he would look so cute in this "adult-esque" sleep gear by sogoodnight found on goop

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

the heart of the house

getting older has deep rewards. the last few years has been a whirlwind of love and new beginnings. maybe that's why i'm attracted to such calm, bright spaces now. or heck, it could just be a stage. but, here are some delicious looking kitchens captured from "apartment therapy" and "green is the new black"!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


dunno if it's the surfacing springtime, the boy heavy house i live in or what, but i'm craving pink! my boys are up to their stuffy noses with allergies today. all i want is for them to feel good again. maybe a splash of pink would help them too, somehow i doubt it. but, fingers crossed the zyrtec will!

sweet pair of pink boat shoes by SPERRY. cute little anytime card from sycamorestreetpress. here i go again with wide legs, this time from ANTHROPOLOGIE and in pink!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

dreaming of this dress

i love this vintage Ossie Clark dress worn by miss watson. it is flawless. i wonder where it is now?

did i mention the milk braid and tiny red headband are perfect accessories? well, they are.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 going as planned???

i am revisiting my resolutions for 2011. here's what i posted in dec. of 2010.

1. wear more dresses
2. be more organized
3. have at least one "date night" a month with my husband
4. see cyndi
5. get tattooed
6. say "i love you" to my husband and son 10,000 times
7. clip the dog's nails myself
8. have fresh flowers in the house as much as possible
9. 12 trips to the lake with the boys
10. wash my face before i go to sleep
11. start a garden
12. yoga 3 times a week at least
13. lay off the swearing (it helps to pretand i'm in a cary grant movie :) 

   let's see, number one, that would be a no.  i am of late a bruise factory, it makes me shy away from showing my legs. two, maybe i'm a bit more organized, but no where near my goal. date nights are happening sometimes, we need more! we DO have tickets to go see cyndi in atlanta! tattooed, check. (more please) the dog's nails are officially clipped by me, woot! not a fresh flower in sight. :(
   we have been to the lake a couple times, we're off to a good start. i wash my face half of the time before bed, progress. we have chocolate mint, rosemary mint and chives growing in the backyard. yoga, from some to none. swearing, in full swing. well, that leaves me feeling pretty good about the beginning of this year. i mean we are still adjusting to life with our little munchkin!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

is it too early to shop for stocking stuffers?

this set of toothbrushes is so freaking cute! they were the most affordable thing i saw on the anthropologie website. these would make a great little gift, no?