Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You don't have to be vegetarian and you don't have to be liberal. You just need to believe in integrity. This movie lit a little fire in me, I like it.

chreap thrills...

$3., need i say more?

my little wish lists on ebay and etsy are always changing. i say that, once the item is purchased by someone else i have to move on. here's a glance of my humble little collection of inexpensive goodies. (just looking for neat things, keeps me away from looking at clothes!)

$20. for awesome vintage jars for the kitchen

$6. for a wooden fawn brooch

$12.50 gets you a pretty little headband

$14. vintage elephant salt and pepper shakers

$12. for another cool vintage jar

$18. buys you 3 lovely little rhinestone pins

$20. ebay find, great summer pumps

$20. for this amazing hand-colored engraving from the series, natural history of new york state

spring is here!

there are buds on the branches, blue sky
and huckleberry is basking by the bbq.

Monday, March 29, 2010

still in the air

i see the eames rocker in so many nurseries when i look online. we are still looking for the right rocker for our baby's room. it has been incredibly frustrating. we just can't afford what looks appealing to me. this rocker may be doable, but is it really that comfortable? it just doesn't look it to me. i have two more months and i am keeping my eyes peeled for a rocker! a decent balance of affordability, style and snuggles is all i ask.

gift giving

making your own bows for gifts is a bad ass idea! you can use magazines, maps, hell, notebook paper and make a custom bow for the perfect present. kind of a fun thing to do with your kids as well, i suspect. :)
here's the tutorial makeit!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

what we felt...

What a bright and colorful teaching aid. This seller makes lots of soft and squishy cuteness!

I've seen lots of barrettes with lovely embellishments available online. These are one of the many choices you have to adorn you or your little girl DIY! If you're not in the mood for a project, try giddygiddy!

These pinwheels are the perfect little keepsake! I'm thinking spring and summer. I'm thinking birthdays and weddings. I'm thinking pretty and playful!

I saw these on riflemade and you can check them out at anthropologie They have a bold yet soft look. The shade comes in red, green or yellow, all just right.

I LOVE these coasters/wine glass taggers! I found them on twigandthistle and you can grab them on DimmalimmHome

Friday, March 26, 2010



this is a pretty kick ass givaway. personalized illustrated stationery and calling cards, so cool! i would go take a little gander if i were you...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

if i had money and a waistline

i would love a new little outfit! it's actually sunny and in the 50s! too bad i have no money and am no where near "my size" at present AND don't have an H&M!

the cutest jacket at h&m for $40.! So, frustrating, that it can't be mine...



and i would finish it off with a nice, new pair of madewell jeans....aaahhhh, or maybe j brand.

super neato

i really want to make these cork lamps. they are awesome! so many options, i like it! here's also a "how to" from design sponge.



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

29 weeks

My husband and I are going to the doc today for our last sonogram before Graham arrives. I can't believe we are basically 10 weekends away from having a child in our house. I must admit I am scared. I think being so isolated from friends and family is making it worse. That said, I am thrilled. Oh so many parts of my body are sore all of the time. I'm fairly sure the winter keeping me indoors kept me from being in better shape. It's not that I've gained much weight, but the sedentary months have not given me strength.

I will disclose one thing no one tells you. Yes, a baby will add to your monthly expenses. Really, do people think that wouldn't happen? What I find interesting, is what it's costs to be pregnant. I'm having to buy extra food, my husband's not so keen on health food. AND, dun, dun , dun...extra toilet paper! I pee every 30 minutes. which has gone on for months. I'm half joking about the pregnancy costs, but it's just hilarious to me. There are so many books and online articles that are useless. I'm just quite practical and maybe a bit paranoid. Almost every time I read something, I'm wondering what "they" want me to buy. Wow, I'm sure I lost you, I am rambling now. I will more than likely delete all this, speaking of useless. But, it was nice to briefly vent.

roadside attractions

I love, love, love Jayme McGowan's charming work, Roadside Projects. Her work is one-of-a-kind and three-dimensional, she uses cut paper, watercolor, and ink. You must check out her website to learn and see more! I'm excited about putting up a few of her prints in our nursery. When the ole budget allows, I hope to order a custom made family portrait! I wonder if she'll have enough paper to make Huckleberry, teeeheee.

Monday, March 22, 2010

the crew that keeps us going

these guys keep my husband and i comfortably on the floor, rolling in laughter. thank you.

starting the party, with a hello to a friend, kristine


i wanted to share some darling images of party details scattered throughout the week. here are a few that i chose to also say hello to a far away friend. (they're all far away for me) SHE ADORES PINK.

decorations, eats and treats for all sorts of parties. we all have opportunities to have a hand in one kind of party or another at some point. wedding or baby showers, weddings and birthdays give us occasion to add something special.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

dainty flash

if you are looking for delicate tattoo inspiration or an artist in the portland area this could be your girl. her name is silje and she's a tattoo artist/crafter in oregon.

Saturday, March 20, 2010