Saturday, August 28, 2010

playing dress up

i was missing my girlfriends and thinking about clothes. this resulted in me "dressing up" a few of my friends. i have no idea if they would choose or wear any of this. these are selections made based on what i thought they would look great in.

1. cyndi

2. russia

3. kristin

4. blanca

5. stephanie

6. twinkle

7. erin

thank you for your cute clothes madewell, j. crew, modcloth, dainty june, topshop, asos, steve madden and kate spade!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


what can i do from home or with graham to make some income? jeeeez, it can't be impossible, i'm just not thinking of something...please come to me!

in 9 days...

graham and i will be getting on a plane for dallas. leaving omaha for good. it has been quite a year here. i will be taking great memories back with me. here in omaha we had our first wedding anniversary, find out we were pregnant, had thanksgiving just the two of us, saw more snow then we've ever seen, first heard our baby's heartbeat, stayed at a gorgeous cabin for valentine's day (covered in snow), HAD OUR SON and have strengthened the bond of our little family. LOTS of wonderful memories!!!
the things i miss about this place will be the bunnies in the yard, the fresh local eggs, milk and PIES we get down the street, the group of people that Will works with, hearing canadian snow geese in the sky, the fantastically mild summer weather and having my boys all to myself. this has been a great experience. that said, i'm ready for our return to texas.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

room love

a big sigh...i have forgotten the sources, but i imagine many are from apartment therapy. sorry!


this little piggy gives back :)

I saw this on hellosplendor and I think it's fantastic! Great looking piggy banks that inspire something great in your kids. I love that they teach "big picture" ideals. Your child is encouraged to put money aside for themselves and to give some away to help others. The company that sells these goodlittlepiggy, gives a portion of the sales to charity. I like it.

P.S. I am ruined forever. In Hello Splendor's blog I read the word philanthropist and immediately thought, full on rapist. Thanks "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". My brain is officially warped.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm starting a list...

what I'm determined to have happen in 2011.

1. wear more dresses
2. be more organized
3. have at least one "date night" a month with my husband
4. see cyndi
5. get tattooed
6. say "i love you" to my husband and son 10,000 times
7. clip the dog's nails myself
8. have fresh flowers in the house as much as possible
9. 12 trips to the lake with the boys
10. wash my face before i go to sleep
11. start a garden

Friday, August 20, 2010

cool beans!

this gal is incredible, the very definition of talented. the clothing and looks she creates for little girls is just wonderful. so, simple, feminine and hey, it all looks so comfy! christine visneau started a clothing line inspired by her two lovely daughters. check out her duds online babybeanwear and if you live in dallas, check out her store littlebeanshop, full of awesome kid stuff! one more thing...smallmagazine

(p.s. her husband was the photographer at our wedding, a talented chap as well! swvphoto)

boy, am i lucky!

this is bedtime at our house.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

house warming

neato things, as neato gifts. clearly...prices may vary.



p.s. the rubber "lace" coasters come in pink, white, blue, green and black, they are soooo cute!


graham's 2 month doctor visit

a visit to any doctor usually leaves me feeling frustrated. this time was no different. all that education and they kick back and treat the symptoms. is that a human thing, american thing or a doctor thing? we went for graham's rwo month visit yesterday. he is a little over 14lbs. and perfect. he has has dry splotchy rashes crop up over the last week and the doc told us it was eczema. he immediately suggested it was hereditary and told us to use steroid cream. our families don't have a history of it and quite frankly skin situations of any kind lead me to believe it's something your eating. therefore, i'm going to use some calendula cream and change my diet. since i'm breastfeeding, it has to be my diet to blame. i am going to omit wheat and dairy products from my diet, maybe even eggs for a couple of weeks or so. then i'll reintroduce each one to see if i can figure this out. i'm happy my husband doesn't think i'm crazy. he's so supportive. i'm hoping to last at least a few more months with the breatfeeding, so i need to do whatever it takes.
one more thing that is odd to me. the doctor told me to get "poly vi sol" as an iron, vitamin d supplement for graham. i'm confused, breast milk is the perfect food AND if your child doesn't get a supplement they will be deficient in these nutrients. that doesn't make sense. nor had i read that this was necessary in any book or article. just doesn't seem natural to me, but as an american i guess i will blindly follow his instructions. just seems that if he won't get something from my breast milk, he doesn't need it. i'm not very educated in these matters, just very logical. whew, that felt good, i needed to rant a bit about it. over and out...

Friday, August 13, 2010

these folks can do no wrong

i have been following this couple on their blog and flickr for at least a year now. they are an unbelievably creative pair. (not to mention, incredibly romantic) this is their new endeavor the esthetically pleasing in every way FORAGE. great name too. anyway, go take a peek. somethingshidinginhere

what a wedding...

check out one of the loveliest weddings i've ever seen at oncewed, photography by the amazing ourlaboroflove

practical voodoo

I caught a glimpse of this in a kitchen during a show on the DIY network. Pretty kick ass kitchen accessory. You can grab one on amazon for $70.