Monday, February 21, 2011

my weekend plans?

i think i will try to make these delicious breakfast goodies.

they are basically pancakes stuffed with bananas and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. they look wonderful!!! thank you mycakies!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

baby on the brain

   i've been looking for birthday ideas for graham. collecting a list of of the books and toys, various things that might be great for his first birthday! in doing this, i have been appreciating the good, great and unnecessary things we've had for his entertainment and development since his birth.
  the first few months were definitely ruled by the bouncy seat. it was the perfect extra pair of arms we needed. the bumbo was not used too much at our house due to some pretty thick thighs. in fact, we only put him in it a handful of times. the activity mat was also money well spent. unfortunately, the "stationary entertainer" or "command center" as we call it, has been pretty rad to have too. i was so hoping to avoid the made in china eyesore, but we used it for months and it's was indescribably helpful.

   my favorite toys have ended up being some of graham's favorites as well. sophie, "attack-apillar" and a small group of stuffed animals rule this boys roost!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

graham rocks,

i just felt the need to get that out.

over the last week or two he's just changed so much! i can't believe we've had to lower his crib because he can stand in it now. these are just our last few months of having a little baby (well...big baby). so, so soon he will be a proper kiddo, an ole toddler. i am cherishing the baby days with my chubby, wobbly, babbling baby boy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

my kingdom for a new "look"

i can not put into words how over my "mom hair" i am. it's been too long since i have felt cute. my awesome insides are annoyed with my outsides. sorry, i can contain it no more. sorry to vent.


i saw this kick ass home on themarionhousebook. pretty breathtaking architecture, not to mention that car...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

once again...

this little lady was in the running last year (anthropologie) and she's back. i will have to find a less expensive version, but i think this is what i'll be looking for. i AM going to be in the water much more this year.! no pesky omaha keeping us landlocked.

keep your head in the clouds

i found these fantastic little bookshelves on designshimmer this morning. they are lovely and more than likely easy to make yourself if you're handy. if that's a big no, they are here go-home, not too pricey.

also featured was this "clear" crib. i like it. there are definately arms and legs going through our traditional "cage"(teehee) crib. although, not necessary, it's a pretty cool idea and look. you can get one ubabub, i'm sure it will only cost you an arm, maybe a leg too. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

been gone so long...



Graham has been an even more full time gig than before, so i haven't been able to sit at the computer lately. I miss my online eye candy so much! Anyway, it's Valentine's Day the prettiest holiday to me. It's all about RED and PINK, love it. Personally, it makes me think of bright girlish colors and delectable treats. Cute little cards that make you smile and a reminder to tell everyone how much you love them. I quickly scanned my favorite blogs this morning for some red and pink inspiration and found very little. Next year I will just have to make my own. But, for now, I leave you with a little V-Day, love.