Wednesday, March 24, 2010

29 weeks

My husband and I are going to the doc today for our last sonogram before Graham arrives. I can't believe we are basically 10 weekends away from having a child in our house. I must admit I am scared. I think being so isolated from friends and family is making it worse. That said, I am thrilled. Oh so many parts of my body are sore all of the time. I'm fairly sure the winter keeping me indoors kept me from being in better shape. It's not that I've gained much weight, but the sedentary months have not given me strength.

I will disclose one thing no one tells you. Yes, a baby will add to your monthly expenses. Really, do people think that wouldn't happen? What I find interesting, is what it's costs to be pregnant. I'm having to buy extra food, my husband's not so keen on health food. AND, dun, dun , dun...extra toilet paper! I pee every 30 minutes. which has gone on for months. I'm half joking about the pregnancy costs, but it's just hilarious to me. There are so many books and online articles that are useless. I'm just quite practical and maybe a bit paranoid. Almost every time I read something, I'm wondering what "they" want me to buy. Wow, I'm sure I lost you, I am rambling now. I will more than likely delete all this, speaking of useless. But, it was nice to briefly vent.

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