Saturday, March 13, 2010

let's accessorize

it's saturday and my mind is swimming with pretty things. i was thinking of starting the week creating perfect parties, but it's still the weekend. so let's just look at some lovely trinkets. maybe you have a friend's birthday coming up. or maybe your birthday's coming up and you need some wishlist ideas!

these are sooo cute! i've bought several, for myself and pals. the perfect gift for anyone you know with a dainty edge.

just found this little goodie on etsy. another great personalized piece. yellowgoat

i am aware that these are not for everyone, but they are for sure on my wishlist! omericaorganic

surprisingly delicate, wood can make such gorgeous baubles. this new york creator has a shop full of beautiful things. locallibrary

one last thing, what a cool idea. this amazing custom jewelry with your fingerprints all over it. i would love to have a ring or a heart pendant with my little one's finger print on it. fabuluster
just some pretty and pretty neat things to look at on a saturday morning.

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