Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Southern Voice in the Midwest

Here I am, a Texan newly transplanted to the Midwest. “What did I find?”, you ask. A long and lingering, cold, gray winter. But, I am in luck! It is 2010 and there is entertainment for my hibernation, the internet! I have cruised this thing like never before. Sure I get off to hang out with my husband, read a book, clean, get into the occasional project or experiment with recipes. I slip back into my cruising trance soon enough, browsing for muse. The website that started it all was Apartment Therapy. The site is a bounty of design inspiration and DIY projects, with vintage and modern incorporated. There is really something for everyone. If that is not enough, their sister sites talk about everything in the kitchen, kid stuff, techie delights and getting greener. It is lovely to look at beautiful design and be roused to do something creative. We are so invited to make and gather things, why not have them be beautiful!

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