Sunday, June 6, 2010

i need a shot...

this would work! i am so on edge, waiting is hard on the nerves. our due date was friday and on tuesday we'll be 40 weeks. i wish there was something to do to pass the time! where/will my water break? how much pain will labor be? how soon will i feel ok after the birth? will everyone be judging my new parenting skills? oh my goodness, my brain won't shut off! cookie, milk, s.t.a.t.!!!


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  2. breathe deep - this is where we don't have any control. that sweet baby boy will decide when HE is ready. due dates are just an estimate. in the meantime, put up your feet, rub that belly and CHILLAX ! you are going to need the rest.
    will everyone be judging your new parenting skills? Ab-so-freakin-lutely they will. everyone has an opinion and they will give it to you regardless of whether you want it or not. take what you want and leave the rest. Don't ever forget YOU are the mama. YOU know what's best .

    Happy Birthing!