Saturday, July 10, 2010

sunday, sunday, sunday!

tomorrow graham will be one month old!!! it's the last day of the world cup AND we're off to texas for a week! i'm going to sink my teeth into dallas. i spent my entire pregnancy isolated from family and friends and for the next week, i'm going to pretend i've been there all along. i can't wait for my dad and brother to meet graham!!! the roadtrip isn't going to be a piece of cake, but Will and i have fun together all of the time, this should be no different. hopefully, graham will enjoy the audio books we listen too. :) i doubt Will did it on purpose, but a week in dallas is exactly what i wanted for my birthday. it's going to be such an eventful month. we spend next week in texas and a week after our return, Will's entire family is coming to nebraska for a week! the only thing that could make this month more fantastic is if the kiddo smiles at us...hint, hint graham. i am so so happy. i appreciate all that i have. my lovely husband and little one, wonderful family and friends and our kick ass pup make me smile each and every day. the good life.

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