Friday, August 27, 2010

in 9 days...

graham and i will be getting on a plane for dallas. leaving omaha for good. it has been quite a year here. i will be taking great memories back with me. here in omaha we had our first wedding anniversary, find out we were pregnant, had thanksgiving just the two of us, saw more snow then we've ever seen, first heard our baby's heartbeat, stayed at a gorgeous cabin for valentine's day (covered in snow), HAD OUR SON and have strengthened the bond of our little family. LOTS of wonderful memories!!!
the things i miss about this place will be the bunnies in the yard, the fresh local eggs, milk and PIES we get down the street, the group of people that Will works with, hearing canadian snow geese in the sky, the fantastically mild summer weather and having my boys all to myself. this has been a great experience. that said, i'm ready for our return to texas.


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