Wednesday, August 18, 2010

graham's 2 month doctor visit

a visit to any doctor usually leaves me feeling frustrated. this time was no different. all that education and they kick back and treat the symptoms. is that a human thing, american thing or a doctor thing? we went for graham's rwo month visit yesterday. he is a little over 14lbs. and perfect. he has has dry splotchy rashes crop up over the last week and the doc told us it was eczema. he immediately suggested it was hereditary and told us to use steroid cream. our families don't have a history of it and quite frankly skin situations of any kind lead me to believe it's something your eating. therefore, i'm going to use some calendula cream and change my diet. since i'm breastfeeding, it has to be my diet to blame. i am going to omit wheat and dairy products from my diet, maybe even eggs for a couple of weeks or so. then i'll reintroduce each one to see if i can figure this out. i'm happy my husband doesn't think i'm crazy. he's so supportive. i'm hoping to last at least a few more months with the breatfeeding, so i need to do whatever it takes.
one more thing that is odd to me. the doctor told me to get "poly vi sol" as an iron, vitamin d supplement for graham. i'm confused, breast milk is the perfect food AND if your child doesn't get a supplement they will be deficient in these nutrients. that doesn't make sense. nor had i read that this was necessary in any book or article. just doesn't seem natural to me, but as an american i guess i will blindly follow his instructions. just seems that if he won't get something from my breast milk, he doesn't need it. i'm not very educated in these matters, just very logical. whew, that felt good, i needed to rant a bit about it. over and out...


  1. You are not crazy!!!! I agree with you!

  2. Check out CV's Calendula & Castille baby soap: (ignore the horrible site design)

    It's a great soap for any skin flare-ups. I used a large sample when my skin was acting up and it really helped calm & soothe my skin. If you're still not convinced, there are a ton of testimonials as well.

  3. I'm using California Baby's Calendula Cream. If it doesn't do the trick, I will certainly try it. Thank you!!!

  4. You're the mama - You know what's best !
    I'm not sure why docs are so inclined to instruct us to give our little ones iron. They don't need it! Your milk is all that sweet baby needs. It is perfectly normal for a baby of Grahams age to be a bit anemic. Ok - now I'm ranting,

    Good luck with the elimination diet! It has been my experience that dairy is usually the culprit - just remeber that it can take up to two weeks for it to get out of his system. And speaking from experience I highly recommend just cutting out one thing at a time- you will starve if you try to cut it all out at once.

    We cant wait for you guys to get back home!