Tuesday, November 23, 2010


i've been looking at the the bloggers and their picks for holiday gifts. what pretty things out there. here are a few i've seen so far that have stood out or not been discovered! i love christmas so much! i think i'll spend the next few weeks just posting about decorations, food and gift ideas, yup, i do what what i want...

looks like this batch can all be found on etsy.

there are always rad things at decoylab, these are two of them.

a simple little teapot, another etsy find. hindsvik

pretty snazzy tea towels. or you can snag the poster, several colors. sweetfineday


  1. http://whoareyadesigns.com/_product_106389/MAN_UTD_(HIP_HOP_STYLE)_Standard_Fit_Small

    Possible hubby gift idea. I hate the team but LOVE the shirt. Manchester United ala' RUN DMC.