Monday, November 29, 2010

coming soon...something for everyone

the thoughts of christmas, december in general, is making a buzzing sound in my head. i am so excited i can't stand it! i've always loved christmas, but with graham in the family it's ridiculous. i wish i had money, but i don't. the gifts i choose to feature on the blog will undoubtedly be less expensive then other blogs. that's just not my reality. i'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, i'm simply realistic. for example, i saw a beautiful diaper bag on a blog and wanted so badly. i looked up the bag and discovered it retailed at $350. i mean, is that really necessary? i'm not bashing anyone who spends there money like that, it's just not in my makeup. i love "stuff" but i'm reined in by my practical nature. (again, the bag is gorgeous)

whew, it's late for me and i am starting to lose focus. i am going to try and find the cutest christmas gift ideas for kiddos, the ladies and the gents and toss them on the blog. men are the hardest for me.

to william and graham: i will try my hardest to get you two things that will bare minimum, make you smile.




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