Sunday, February 20, 2011

baby on the brain

   i've been looking for birthday ideas for graham. collecting a list of of the books and toys, various things that might be great for his first birthday! in doing this, i have been appreciating the good, great and unnecessary things we've had for his entertainment and development since his birth.
  the first few months were definitely ruled by the bouncy seat. it was the perfect extra pair of arms we needed. the bumbo was not used too much at our house due to some pretty thick thighs. in fact, we only put him in it a handful of times. the activity mat was also money well spent. unfortunately, the "stationary entertainer" or "command center" as we call it, has been pretty rad to have too. i was so hoping to avoid the made in china eyesore, but we used it for months and it's was indescribably helpful.

   my favorite toys have ended up being some of graham's favorites as well. sophie, "attack-apillar" and a small group of stuffed animals rule this boys roost!

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