Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's a gloomy kind of blue it is

it's chilly and gray, graham is having a great time making a wonderful mess. i am a bit stir crazy and am trying to be on the computer for a few minutes while the young man is momentarily occupied. i tried to find a few things that perked my interest on such a day as this. here goes...

we are all on the shore getting hit by waves of transition, right? always remember to take a deep breath and go with the flow.

i want these, don't know why. i want a pair or two tried and true pairs of jeans from Madewell, but these wide legs from Gap are calling me too. half the price i might add.

pretty, pretty, lots of colors. KristinaMarie

check these out. super bad ass. i saw them here lilmagoolie and you can find them here cartoonmonster

this is neato, i think it would be fun. if you were so inclined something like this would be fun to make too. fun for a rainy day, road-trip or just when you're in need of the giggles. this is something i saw here modernkiddo and you can find here assemblyoftext

have as good a day as you possibly can!!! everything is work, good days, a labor of love!

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