Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 going as planned???

i am revisiting my resolutions for 2011. here's what i posted in dec. of 2010.

1. wear more dresses
2. be more organized
3. have at least one "date night" a month with my husband
4. see cyndi
5. get tattooed
6. say "i love you" to my husband and son 10,000 times
7. clip the dog's nails myself
8. have fresh flowers in the house as much as possible
9. 12 trips to the lake with the boys
10. wash my face before i go to sleep
11. start a garden
12. yoga 3 times a week at least
13. lay off the swearing (it helps to pretand i'm in a cary grant movie :) 

   let's see, number one, that would be a no.  i am of late a bruise factory, it makes me shy away from showing my legs. two, maybe i'm a bit more organized, but no where near my goal. date nights are happening sometimes, we need more! we DO have tickets to go see cyndi in atlanta! tattooed, check. (more please) the dog's nails are officially clipped by me, woot! not a fresh flower in sight. :(
   we have been to the lake a couple times, we're off to a good start. i wash my face half of the time before bed, progress. we have chocolate mint, rosemary mint and chives growing in the backyard. yoga, from some to none. swearing, in full swing. well, that leaves me feeling pretty good about the beginning of this year. i mean we are still adjusting to life with our little munchkin!


  1. Im a brazilian girl and I love your blog.
    My blog is in portuguese but if you want know.. you are welcome! :D

    Kisses :*


  2. Good for you! I once read that the #1 thing we can do to ensure we meet our goals is to review them regularly. :)

  3. Progress is progress. Couple of things: Who have you gone to for tattoos lately? I've stuck with Caleb Barnard exclusively for several years now and will still go to him, but I'm wanting to explore other artists. I'd really like to get some work from a female artist. Any recommendations? Secondly, come hit Bikram Yoga with us. I'm telling you it's changing our lives class by class. You walk in trying to convince your self not to stay and you walk out feeling like a warrior trying to devise a way to take classes daily. Lastly, please share my congratulations to your husband as United runs away with another Premiership trophy, probably another European Champions Cup and destroys my beloved Chelsea in the process of both.