Thursday, April 21, 2011

adventure is out there!

i've been daydreaming about adventure lately. i have this husband i want to hang out with all the time and now another guy has joined the gang. i think about the time we have and how i'd like to spend some of it. the thoughts really got me compiling a list of the trips near and far i would like to take. it may vary slightly day to day, but here goes a rough draft. lucky 13.

1. england/scotland/ireland
2. italy/france
3. north/south carolina
4. australia/new zealand
5. big bend national park
6. west virginia (lostrivermoderncabin...)
7. st. john, virgin islands (honeymoon revisited)
8. bora bora
9. maine
11.costa rica

no special order, just holidays and adventures for our troupe!

1 comment:

  1. I started that list and luckily I finished be/c I said "hey, what about Hawaii?" but it's there. :-)