Sunday, July 31, 2011

cheers to dads

over at sometimes sweet she has started "papa said" posts. they are pretty cute. it's so nice to hear dads say anything about parenting, because it's not very often they are featured. in my opinion moms AND dads are not appreciated enough in society. parenting is a challenge, a commitment and paramount to creating adults! i'm so lucky to have a kick ass husband that also happens to be a kick ass dad. not only am i lucky, but graham is as well.
here's 3 pieces of advice from a dad over on

"1) Part of taking care of your kid is taking care of your marriage. Parenting flows better if your general home life does. Happy wife, happy life!

2) Having a kid is a 24/7 job for both parents. I may be working all day but so is Jess, taking care of Rowan. So when I come home from work we break even and equally take care of her. I don't expect to be pampered and for Jess to continue all the "work"- she needs a break too. You should want to share that work anyway!

3) Don't buy a bunch of toys. They just end up wanting water bottles and cardboard boxes."

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