Monday, August 15, 2011

growing graham

it's been so magical to watch this little one learn and grow. he is 14 months old and quite accomplished already! the 7th month was an introduction to solid foods. the 8th, sitting up. the 10th month, crawling. the 11, my favorite, weaning!!! not to mention at 11 months old he also started sleeping in his own bed, yipee! a few weeks after his first birthday he began walking. somewhere in all this he sprouted four teeth. july and august have brought lots of "talking". we can sort of make out the words bath and da-da. he loves seeing his daddy get home from work, sweet potatoes, books, graham crackers, a bit of "yo gabba gabba" and a nice nap. just thought i would give a graham update! he will be doing a guest post pretty soon about the toys and books he's loved and all the ones he has his eye on!

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