Wednesday, September 14, 2011

talking politics

i have had strong opinions since my early teens about the world around me. my strong views have always been somewhat liberal, but based on "the golden rule". not that i have done anything but lip service about it. now that i have a child, i have a vested interest in the future. i realize i should have done more before, but sometimes it takes something hitting close to home to make you take action. there are hoards of lovely bloggers talking about family activities, cooking at home, being "green", gardening, homeschooling (i think you get the point). it seems to me that there are plenty of people interested family values, education, helping others, etc. are all of these people like me? are the people with the best intentions non-aggressive in politics?
this country takes money away from education first chance we get, we want to feed our citizens cheap chemicals as food, i can't think of anything this "christian country" does that's christian, but welfare, and most people oppose it. i mean, it's incredible. read about dead peasant insurance (blew my mind) fear, hate and selfishness are in control of much of the nation right now. we need to focus on educating the youth of america more than ever. it's like tending to a garden.

this is going to end up being the ramblings of a mad woman, so i'll sum it up. i wish all of the amazing friends i have and the seemingly amazing people i see online making a difference at home would vote in local elections. i would feel better about the world my son will grow up in. wow, this it's not like me to post like this. i will more than likely delete it, but i am going to take a deep breath and let it stand for a moment.

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  1. PREACH! I vote to leave this post up.