Friday, October 28, 2011

the latest and greatest, a graham update!

graham is two weeks shy of being 17 months old! we are having the best time. what an awesome age/stage this is! he is running around and exploring all day. when he does take a break he watches shaunthesheep or asks me to read children make terrible pets. when the latter happens, he will grab the book he wants, hand it to you and sit in your lap. (heart melting) recently he discovered cous cous and is in love. we'll see how long it lasts! at least every other day he "juices". makes him sound intense, right? i juice sweet potatoes, kale and an apple and mix it with infant oatmeal, delicious. sometimes i substitute kale for spinach or toss in a beet, but he loves it all. he's just always been a sucker for sweet potato! he "says" dada, moo, knock knock, night night and a few other sounds that mimic words. he is so awesome and the three of us couldn't be more in love. we are so thankful every day for our health and situation.

one of these days when he's 3 or 4 and my husband schedules camping trips for us every other weekend i'm going to get match matchy with graham. hahahaaa, the power of being the adult! team wellie, in green?

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  1. Drake use to have a pair of frog boots like those and he wore those all the time! Have fun with nature!! :-)