Wednesday, October 19, 2011



i just started reading this and i have been continuously fascinated. nutrition is one of my interests already, but since becoming pregnant with graham, a top priority. we need to be taking advantage of the information available to us now. if most people were offered a pill that promised health and long life their child, they would buy it. what if you told that parent the same results could come from healthy eating? i assume, those same parents would say, "nah". no wonder the "say no to drugs" slogan is gone. our country has embraced them.
i have have never been particularly good at anything. don't get me wrong, i think i'm awesome. but, i have found what i am good at is being a mother. i love it. i am proud of the mother i am. there's no doubt i sometimes linger on some of the blogs i read and wish i was crafty or magic in the kitchen. alas, i am good at what matters. i will work on the rest!

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