Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2012 is almost here!


this year has been full of fantastic memories and milestones. the coming year will be sprinkled much of the same. thanks to my husband and son for making me smile every day. they give me such strength.

i really need to focus this year on my short term goals. last year i paid them no mind. not that i have squandered the time mind you. the days were filled with wonderful hang out with graham and my husband. that said, being a bit better at time management would do me some good. let's see how i do in the new year with these modest missions!

1 complete 3hrs. of college math
2 yoga 3 times a week
3 get the house organized
4 get my bun back :)
5 speak my mind
6 keep my mouth shut
7 send my out of town friends mail
8 get pregnant...
9 perfect a new dish for weekly rotation
10 plan a trip (camping or beach)

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