Monday, March 19, 2012

must haves, for my toddler!

graham is for sure into cars and trains, the normal boy fare. he loves to draw and color. he LOVES being outside and all that it entails. there are a few things i have noticed that have been around since his first birthday and that are likely to be around on his second. his tilty cups are awesome, i love them. we also use safe sippy's, but i loathe cleaning them. the rubber casing has to be removed for cleaning or it will rust the canteen. not my favorite thing to take off and put on again, but they are wonderful in every other way. that ironman has been a wise purchase too. we got a barely used one on craigslist and it has not disappointed us one bit. but, the most important on the list is shaun. my son is a nerd for nick park. first he fell for shaun the sheep, then timmy time, now wallace and gromit. what can i say, i think it's cute.


  1. I have the 3-wheel Baby Trend (and car sea). I love them. Bob wasn't in the budget :)

  2. it wasn't in our budget either. i was lucky on a used one. there are really so many great strollers out there!