Wednesday, April 4, 2012

some links to love!

these posts make me even more in love with love! the fantastic couple over on amandajane , decided to  feature other couples they admire. the posts are short and oh so sweet. they always make me wonder what three sentences my husband would use to describe me...
check out the blog and search "my better half" for all of the cute!

cool idea for a vintage book photo album! carlykmyta

i'm a little obsessed right now with family photos and these aren't helping! rockstardiaries AND pencilbaox

miss james gives me so much inspiration when it comes to feeding her toddler. i am always trying to keep notes to find new graham favorites! she does a recurring post named "bird food", love it. bleubird

check out nikole of herriott grace's space. under 400sqft and i'm loving every inch of it. the new issue of covet garden has it all! the article on nikole is great and she included a yummy donut recipe. i've always had a thing for her cloud cookie cutters and cake flags, but hearing about her work, long distance with her dad is heart warming.

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