Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May is here kicking and screaming!

Can you guess who is doing the kicking and who is doing the screaming...? graham is going to be 2 in a matter of weeks! these two years have been utterly amazing. our little boy is just that, a little boy. no more chubby cooing baby. he has full on discussions with us, bruises and tantrums! his toddler days are upon us and we're ready. it's really is so sad watching and listening to a full on tantrum. hopefully, the days of throwing fits of frustration don't last too long. that said, he is SO fun. my husband and i can't get enough hanging out with this kid, we're so in love. the one doing the kicking is someone we've never met and with no name, a tiny stranger inside my belly. i'm 23 weeks along now and starting to take note of the magic of it all. this is our last one, so these pregnancy milestones are to be savored and enjoyed. this is the last time that i'll feel kicks for the first time. does that make sense? there is a small part of me that want this over with, but overall i am adoring it all. there is this beauty that comes along with being pregnant, a strength. once it's over it's gone. there's certainly beauty in motherhood, but it's not the same, as the fleeting innocence of pregnancy. i am, of course, rambling. all i wanted to say is that the baby is kicking and graham is freaking awesome. :)

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