Friday, March 9, 2012

some unisex registry picks!


i've been fairly insistent this time around that we leave the child's sex a labor day discovery. we found out with graham and it was SO much fun to know! but, this is our last and i want a surprise. this pregnancy i have decided against pain medication. so if we're going natural, let's go natural! "think of it as retro", i keep telling my husband.
therefore, i am keeping the list of wants and needs short and neutral. one of the nice things about having children close together is you still have some of the "baby" stuff. but, i suppose i'll be revisiting some of my favorite baby items and looking for new ones! the carrier is a must and c'mon, that's a freaking cute rattle.
p.s. i think i could go a little nuts at american apparel


  1. Congratulations!!! Wonderful news.

    The Ergo rules. Wish I had placed that on my registry rather then the Bjorn. King can't fit in the Bjorn now.

  2. we got the bjorn for graham and it just had too short a lifespan. i want something to use from tiny to tot!

  3. That stripey bodysuit is cute, might look into AA online.

  4. that's where i've been...argh, get me off! :)